Music Entertainers

Gather under the entertainment tent to hear some great regional and national entertainers.  Pick up a schedule at the gate.

In addition each of the headliners appears at the Saturday evening program at the McPherson Museum Auditorium (East Kansas Avenue, near Lakeside Park)

2014 Performers

Smithfield Fair
Smithfield Fair composed a candidate for Scotland’s new national anthem (“Scotland, Fair Scotland”) and, among other songs, their “Longships” became a staple of Celtic radio and was used as background music for a viral You Tube video featuring an inexplicable ‘sea monster’ appearance. During this period of extreme success the group shared stages with a who’s who of Celtic music luminaries such as Alasdair Fraser, Alex Beaton, Eileen Ivers (Riverdance), The Battlefield Band, Tannahill Weavers, and Archie Fischer to name but a few.

With thirteen seasons and two well-received tours of Ireland and Scotland under their belt, Tullamore stands as one of the Heartland's premiere Celtic bands. Mark Clavey, Mary Hanover,  and Rachel Gaither deliver the music of Ireland and Scotland in rich and clear vocals, tight harmonies and instrumentals, and cool and clever arrangements. The Kansas City trio draws from diverse musical experiences and influences for their hallmark sound - a contemporary American-folk body with a traditional Celtic soul. 

Earl Grey in the Morning
 Celtic, Jazz, Folk, and original music for all occasions. Earl Grey in the Morning is a duet that is able to provide a variety of light instrumental atmospheric music that touches on many different genres including classical, jazz, ragtime, and Celtic.

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