McPherson Scottish Festival Leadership Site

Pipe and Drum


Attend the April and November steering committee meetings and provide reports (November written).  

In May prepare a description and registration form for bands and individuals announcing the competition.  Post and/or mail.

Invite the City of McPherson Pipe Band, the McPherson Youth Pipe Band, and Wichita Median Band ($200 travel) to do demonstration sets on Sunday of the festival.  

Approve schedule by September 1.  

Hire four judges.  

Air travel to be arranged through McPherson Travel.    

Coordinate travel to McPherson and motel accommodations.

Provide lists of competitors and officials to gate supervisor.  

Ask them to park near and enter at the Swan Bridge Gate.

Work with ceremony leader in planning the Saturday and Sunday mid-day and closing ceremonies.  

Approve site for tents, bleachers, and control ropes for band competition.  

Give chairman a list of checks (September).

Arrange take down of tables and chairs at the Pipe Band Tent and at the individual contest tents. (Sunday a.m.)

Mail thank-yous.  In October, provide competition results for the web site and report in writing to committee.

Submit copy of your contact list to web assistant in October of each year (individual competitors, bands, officials, volunteers).


Pipe and Drum Report 2010